The Daytime Emmy Awards will no longer accept nominations for “The View” or any of its hosts.

The decision came after Emmy Awards International LLC moved to make its program more inclusive of right-leaning shows such as Fox News’ “The Five,” which has never received the nod.

“We want people to understand that we can’t keep putting these women on a pedestal when they’re really just horrible,” said company CEO Joe Barron, “Whoopi is toxic. What if she’s about to win an award and she says something pro-Hitler again? What will they do? Laugh all the way to the bank in Alyssa Milano’s Volkswagon, that’s what.”

Barron’s concerns aren’t without merit.

The Golden Globes refused to allow nominations for Will Smith or his movie about black people and slavery, and the Oscar committee will surely do the same. The Daytime Emmys are just following award show protocol. “Our sister company, Emmy Awards of America Inc will allow nominations on a case-by-case basis, but we can’t allow any at all.”

Goldberg’s spokesman, Art Tubolls, told a source that the show plans to file a lawsuit against the company for discrimination because of course they have to play that card. “She says that between her and Anna Navaro they have a good shot at something something affirmative action something.

Will Smith was unavailable for comment. The decision is final and there is no official appeals process. God bless the Daytime Emmys for the bold move, and God Bless America.


  1. Victoria King

    I think if the view wants an Emmy they need to do something about those ladies. They don’t know respect about anything. The language they use us atrocious and they way they treat guesses are worse. They don’t deserve any awards.

  2. This is crap. What good are the awards when the competition is limited. kind of like republican gerrymandering. Make sure you have no competition.

    • Rose

      Agree! I see no
      reason for this ban. If they are the best. They should get the award!

      • Maggie

        They are so far from the best

    • Nicole C

      You need to wake up. The show is propaganda trash along with the rest of msm.

      • B. Clinton

        It is Liberal H O R S H I T! the is Nothing American at ABC

  3. Rose

    Agree! I see no
    reason for this ban. If they are the best. They should get the award!

  4. M Rodriguez

    They are the most toxic one sided “view” and don’t represent me one iota and refuse to watch them. I hope they are held accountable for their actions and poor taste.
    M Rodriguez

  5. Christine

    This show is toxic and the hosts are more toxic. They hate everything that doesn’t conform to their way of thinking. There is no debate on issues that affect the general population – they are hate mongering unhappy women. When the View first aired it was a nice show to watch but it now doesn’t deserve a general population audience unless you want to be bullied and chastised for not seeing it their way. A big shout out to those who decided they are too toxic for any award.

  6. Isaac Keith Swann

    What is boils down to is the absurdity taking place in America today. Conservatives are trying to destroy this country as quickly as they can. They want no freedom for anything or anybody! Especially anyone not white or “christian” ! Religion has done more to destroy lives than any other part of human existence. The View gives you the opportunity to accept or reject what is happening in the world today. They make you think and that is probably part of the problem. People do not want to do that any more. All the Emmy awards have done is to make getting one meaningless. It is just a metal object with no meaning or consequence.

  7. Mark E Bridge

    Their viewers are mindless housewives that believe that Oprah really cares about them and the poor.

  8. Regina

    Best at what? Having only one side and that’s the liberal side? Naw, they are a bunch of angry A-Holes who spew hate non-stop. Right now American’s are getting hate thrown at them continuously. They need to be more positive. Go back to the way it was when Barbara Walters was the lead.

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