(F. Eagleton ~ PatriotPartyPress.com) insiders at The View are telling a sickening story of how the popular leftist show gets its controversial topics. An aide close to Whoopi Goldberg says that’s simple: they pay her to create them.

Goldberg, for an extra $5 million a year, will pick a random topic and turn it into something it’s not.

Take Kyle Rittenhouse, for example. While it might have seemed appropriate to call him a murderer before the travesty of justice that acquitted him, once he was found not guilty, you’re not allowed to say he is.

That’s just the law. So Goldberg gets sued, and the View pays, and they rake in the ratings, and everyone gets told that poor Kyle is a criminal and a monster, when clearly he was just a kid running around an already explosive situation with an assault rifle.

The details don’t really matter. What matters is, Whoopi said mean things about him, and that’s wrong. And now we know why. They give her a lot of money to be wrong. Which seems kinda wrong.

But that’s Whoopi all over.  As her co-star Sandra Batt said, in the smash hit movie “Racing Stripes”, “You’re really an unwound sheath of toilet paper, you can that?”

All of this just goes to show you how messed-up the liberal mind can become.  Not as completely closed-minded screwed as a Trumptard cultist, but you get it.

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