The View says it will give Kyle Rittenhouse $42,000 to “help him move on with his life” after the youngster filed a suit in federal court alleging defamation with malice aforethought. “It’s out of pity,” said host Whoopi Goldberg, “this kid isn’t gonna get a dime from actual lawsuits and he seems determined to let this be what defines him.

Goldberg says she hopes the young man uses the money to get an education and do something with his life “other than bragging about getting away with murder.”

Rittenhouse hasn’t responded to the offer, but those closest to him believe he’ll turn it down because he doesn’t understand reality and thinks he’s some kind of hero.

The offer will expire at midnight next week, and according to the show’s legal department, will be “the only thing Rittenhouse ever gets from ABC, and he should be grateful.

In order to accept, Rittenhouse has to admit he shouldn’t have been there and that in most states he’d be serving 25-to-life. He’s also not allowed to continue whining on Twitter. Experts believe he’ll turn it down in lieu of another crowdfunding campaign that will go nowhere, because one major thing this kid lacks, obviously, is common sense.

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