In a move few people understand, The View announced that it will not re-sign controversial liberal Joy Behar to a new contract, but it will keep Whoopi Goldberg. Fans and critics alike are struggling to make sense of the move.

For fans, losing one of their idols hurts. For critics, the question is “why the hell would you keep Whoopi?”

Behar’s public relations firm says there’s nothing to be done, as the show and the star have decided her run is over. Goldberg, on the other hand, wants to “lead” the show and negotiated her way into another contract.

Behar was thrown under the bus at that point and had no options left but to give up. “We’re the best of friends,” Behar said, “so I understand the move. I have like…$30 million. I should be fine.”

A source close to the show says the graceful Behar exit was a great move, since she’s been attacked verbally several times by angry Whoopi fans and allegedly poisoned twice.

We’ll keep you updated on this developing story.


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