John Wayne. Jesus Christ. Donald Trump. Three people that Americans should look up to and emulate.

There’s no question that each of these men is everything that the American spirit embodies, and everything that makes America great. Not even godless liberals can look at the contributions that these three have made to the American psyche.

Donald Trump is a living legend, literally the greatest president and the best man this country has ever seen.

John Wayne, the rough and tumble western actor embodied everything that was Americana. Tough as nails, packing heat, and waving the flag of freedom on and off the big screen.

John Wayne was a cowboy, a soldier, a conservative American.  As a matter of fact, when John Wayne was offered a role in the comedy Blazing Saddles, he turned it down.

It wasn’t “family” enough. John Wayne wanted his movies to be for everyone. Because killin’ Indians and shootin’ guns are all American family entertainment. And John knew it.

You can still see his impact on America today with men still dressing like cowboys. Thanks, John.

Jesus Christ, who walked this earth 2000 years ago, who died for our sins, wanted to create America. A nation of good, godly people following his Word and his will.

People who would place his teachings above all else, except for that whole “love thy neighbor” and caring about each other, America has turned into something that Jesus would have been familiar with.  A land of people just like the Romans, quick to crucify those they don’t like or understand. Just like the ones Jesus knew.

That’s right Christian conservative America, Jesus recognizes your efforts.

And the third and most important on our list, Donald John Trump. The greatest American of all time. Donald Trump is everything America is.  Fat. Woefully addicted to fast food. Uneducated.

The man just exudes confidence that, really, he shouldn’t have. Trump is full of piss, vinegar and braggadocio. And all the liberal left can do is fire their venom at him for all he’s done to make America great again.

The racism, the nepotism, and many other things I could go on with that you don’t know the meaning to anyway. We will just pretend that Trump is the greatest ever and that everything that he’s done wrong was amazing and no fault lies at his feet.

Millions of people agree that these are the greatest Americans. An actor, a biblical figure born thousands of years before America was a thought, and Donald Trump.

Joe Barron looked at these three and said he agreed. These were people who should be on a mural, together, for the trailer park crowd.

Every morning when the potatoriotic Americans roll out of bed to work at a minimum wage job and look down on people who actually have applied themselves, they can look proudly at the two mythical figures and the massive failure and think, “‘Merica, eff yeah”.


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