It’s definitely 2023 and the future is here.  You can tell, because anything that’s even remotely successful has an online internet component.  Which now includes The View.

Yes, the morning talk and variety show now has it’s own dot com and a selection of great new online hosts to handle the interviews, discussions, and celebrations, meant to entertain the majority of older female viewers out there.  And those hosts are impressive.

Headlining the digital gabfest is none other than frequent View friend and guest Kathy Griffin, fresh from her newest hit comedy standup routine and tour.  Kathy will act as the heart and soul of the show, with her hilarious and poignant insights.

Next up is Kathy’s friend and ally, Alyssa Milano, who has a window into Hollywood that no one else can quite claim.  Her extensive experience in television will surely lead to many entertaining tales.

Finally, Gwyneth Paltrow almost needs no introduction, her smart and well-informed opinions ready to take center stage for ABC’S newest Viewfest.  Paltrow will split her time between making blockbuster films and her daily duties on the broadcast.

Showrunners Sandra Batt and Joe Konders have already signed on to a year-long contract to produce the show, so it’s time to get watching on your smart TV, computer, phone, or wherever else you get internet access.

Come on in and enjoy The View!

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