A lot of times, a crisis comes along that demands the cooperation of anyone and everyone in order for all of us to make it through.  The Covid-19 pandemic is one of those, and we are losing thousands of Americans to it daily.  No matter where you may stand on the issue of abortion, a prominent physician and virologist, and the head of Planned Parenthood’s Medical Division, Joe Barron, has been making very quick and notable strides in his quest to create a lifesaving vaccine using fetal stem cells.

Doctor Barron already dismisses those who believe stem cell experimentation is some kind of “evil” science out of hat, calling his foes on the extreme Christian right and the deluded fuckmunchkins of the anti-choice Trump supporting sewer “total morons who know nothing about science and medicine and couldn’t care less about the safety and health of their fellow countrymen.”

“We ain’t gonna let them pry the guns from our cold dead hands! Gettin’ buried with guns! That’s the real issue!”

According to preliminary experiments, antibodies created with the stem cells are able to grow microscopic functioning crossbows on their outer cell membranes, which the immune system can then aim with unerring accuracy to knock out viral infection cells.

Barron believes that further experimentation could lead to an upgrade of that effect, producing stem-cell created rocket launchers and bazookas to wipe out an infection even faster.  The extreme pliability of the fetal cells makes them amazingly adaptive and effective, and may just be our best or only hope to save even more lives, especially while America’s pretend President Donald Trump continues to cry, pick his ass, and basically be as useless as humanly possible through one of the darkest times in history for our nation.

We really need to work fast before the idiot in chief starts telling everyone that swallowing Pokemon balls will make it go away or some dumb shit.

Spokespeople for Planned Parenthood have lauded the doctor’s successes so far, and expect Congress may soon return the funding that hysterical groups of old and ignorant trumptards managed to remove.  It’s about time we started making use of the children to save us.  They are the future.


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