Are you ready?  The race for the 2024 White House is heating up, with the anticipated rematch between the incumbent President Joe Biden, going for his second term, and the brutal young upstart, man-about-town Donald J. Trump!  Place your bets!

In fact, the whole contest has become so exciting and popular that ticket sales masters Ticketmaster has already begun selling tickets to the inauguration of the favored candidate, Trump.

Now, nothing is yet set in stone, and who knows, Biden may pull off a win again, as he did last time with the slyly undercover method of getting more votes than his opponent.  Counting on people in this country to have an ounce of smarts.

Will it work again?  Who knows?  And if it does, how much whining, crying, pillow biting, and full-on mentally ill denial are we going to have to deal with from the conservative base again?  Four years?  Six?  A lifetime?

It’s pretty much a given that Trump will take it, according to Ticketmaster’s manager of sales, Joe Barron.

“We’re definitely betting on the low side,” Barron quoted to us.  “We have been watching the internet and only the internet, and there’s a hell of a lot of support for the Tangerine Twatwaffle.”

Of course, that’s on Facebook, which has become the outlet for thousands upon thousands of the elderly retired and oatmeal drooling boomers.  Will it be enough?

Kid Rock is betting it will.  And we all know how correct he usually is.


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