Back in the day, Roseanne Barr and Tim Allen shared more than just sitcom fame, they shared a sound stage at ABC Studios in Carmichael, Nevada. That’s where “Roseanne” and “Home Improvement,” two of the most successful shows of all time, filmed before their live studio audiences.

Fast forward thirty or so years, and the two look like they’ll be reuniting, but this time to work on a project together. Fox Entertainment has reportedly signed the pair to write a new show catering to a more conservative audience.

For Allen, the task is simple. He’s already done the unwoke thing. Roseanne, however, was fired for it. This will be her first time back in the writer’s chair in quite some time.

“Rosie has great snacks,” said Allen, “and what she lacks in natural talent and likability is writable. We can give her a really hot daughter to take the attention off. Maybe Gina Carano.”

Network execs are hopeful that Allen is correct. While he’s managed to mostly divert the attention from his extremist political views by playing multi-audience-friendly roles like Santa, Roseanne is only known for being a nasty, brazen bitch nobody really likes.

Will they be able to get past the stigma? If they show it on basic cable right before Hannity it has a shot, but Netflix? It’ll be interesting to see if anyone wants to racism and chill. God Bless America.


  1. This show is going to be hilarious. Back to some real comedy where everyone and everything is equally fair game. Come at me, brah!

    • gambz

      Are you familiar with satire, mouth-breather?

  2. Spladoink

    “extremist political views”


    • gambz

      Did your mama have any kids who lived, chud?

  3. Jerry Bevens

    Article biased much? “extremist political views”, “nasty, brazen bitch”, “racism”…imagine if anyone wrote this dung about anyone on the left!!!

    • gambz

      Since you obviously support the Jan. 6 rioters, forgive me if I choose not to take you seriously, son.

      • Jimmy Buffett

        It’s cool when you’re hypocritical of your own views. Inclusion means people you don’t like and agree with too. Loser

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