Tom Brady says he really enjoyed his time in Tampa, except for the “kneelers.” The league’s oldest player believes the sport is best played by athletes, not activists.

“That’s why I won’t stay, and that’s why I won’t consider a team with kneelers,” Brady told the press, “If they want the best, they can fire the weak links and we’ll talk.”

Brady says the decision comes not because he’s opposed to the messaging or politics of the BLM movement nor is he insensitive to the plight of black Americans who have lost their lives or a family member to systemic racism in American policing.

“I just want to play football. Can’t we go out later and talk about that stuff?” Brady has an amazing ability to compartmentalize. He and his ex wife made the decision to divorce and it was settled and over within days. “I love Gisele,” Brady said at the time, “but let’s face it, she’s not a football. I just want to play football.”

In a formal release that referred to himself as a “professional” no fewer than a dozen times, Number 12 made it clear that the NFL needs to stop letting all of these outside distractions deter from the game he loves literally more than anything else on earth.


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