Tom Selleck is the star of one of the most successful shows on television. What sets “Blue Bloods” apart from other shows is its refusal to go woke, which hasn’t been an easy task.

Selleck says Hollywood tried no fewer than five times to cancel the show, informing him that it needed more diversity and storylines more in league with Tinseltown’s interests.

“They wanted shows about trans people saving children’s lives and drag queens helping cops solve crimes,” said Selleck, “What’s next? My own character has been in the closet his whole life and decides he wants to step out with a young, charming, muscular patrolman in sweaty sauna scenes meant to temp the Lord’s word? I think not.”

The changes to his show would have been devastating, according to Donnie Wahlberg. “We may not be full cultists, but we still have traditional values.” He said if the show wen woke, he was fully prepared to douse it with vodka and light a match.

And there you have it, patriots. Mr. Selleck and his magnificent mustache will continue running the show, glorifying police, pretending they’re not all basically bastards, and making a killing doing it.

In other words, patriots, he’s owning the libs. God Bless America.


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