Tony Danza doesn’t want to move forward with the “Who’s The Boss” reboot without his TV daughter, Samantha, but he has no choice.

“Sam” is played by Alyssa Milano, who the actor says is “off the rails” with leftist antics.

“It’s drugs,” said Danza, “she needs help. Last week I went to her house to cheer her up after her Volkswagon burst into flames and all I could smell was pot. I think she’s got a real demon on her shoulder.”

Danza thinks she may also be using harder drugs. “My senator told me that pot is a gateway drug, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s moved on to heroin or meth,” he said, “whatever she’s on, it’s definitely affecting her judgment.

Milano responded to the allegations by reminding us that Danza is a Boomer, and that yeah, she burned one right before he showed up unannounced, “otherwise I would have offered him some.”

Milano’s use is perfectly legal in California, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t ruined her as a human being.

Hopefully, Danza can find a judge to put her away in rehab so we can keep this ridiculous storyline going. Honestly, patriots. I thought you’d lose interest in her after the car fire. God Bless America.


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