Yolanda McKenziegh Wittleshmeister, the trans activist who decided to record a topless video during the recent Pride festival at The White House, has been charged with indecent exposure for the prank.

Wittleshmeister, who was born in Philly as a biological male named Harry-Joe Laform, says “she” was arrested when she got back home to Battsville, Virginia. “The county Sherrif had direct orders from the Governor to charge me, even though they don’t have jurisdiction,” the activist told Parade Magazine.

Governor Younkin did, in fact, sign the warrant, since the land that Washington DC sits on is technically owned in part by the state of Virginia. “If the District of Columbia were to dissolve, which is could for a number of reasons, that property would be in Virginia.”

Legal experts say they may have a hard time making the case for jurisdiction, but the case itself is solid. “I wouldn’t want to be Yolanda right now,” said US Attorney Joe Barron, “There’s a lot of trouble brewing.

Wittleshmeister had a “good laugh” as she described it when the sheriff’s deputy dropped her in front of an actual judge. “Younkin said what?” asked District Court Judge Art Tubolls, “Hahahaha he’s such a dumbass.”

The case was tossed with prejudice and the state of Virginia was ordered to pay Wittleshmeister’s legal expenses plus a weekend at an exclusive day spa in Delaware.

At least they tried, patriots. It looks like accountability isn’t in the trans agenda. God Bless America.


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