Hold onto your hats, folks.  The liberal NWO agenda is finally beginning it’s big push to power, and, of course, it begins in California.

Passing just yesterday in a special election and garnering 81% of the popular “yes” vote, HB 5589 is now law, and will allow children as young as four years old to have their sexual gender permanently changed, with ot without parental consent.  It’s anarchy.

Egged on by the bill:s co-author and prime benefactor, Joseph “Sandy Batt” Barron, herself a transsexual, it swept through California s red tape brigade like meatless chili through a liberal poopy pipe.  Barron spoke briefly at a victory reception.

“Thank you, thank you so much, oh my God, for this victory you guys!  Now, finally, we can begin the further evolution of the human race into sexless beings and proudly proclaim our rightful place in the universe!”

Some conservatives are incensed by the new law, and are threatening legal action.  Eaton Myballs, a tool and die specialist in San Diego, is one of them.

“What this is is every conservative’s nightmare, which they believe is already happening.  Despite parents having control over their children until the age of 18 in all states.  The ultimate liberal overreach.  We thought it would never happen.  It’s insane.  We’ll sue.”

Fortunately, they won’t have to, because this is a purely satirical article.  It’s not happening.  It never will.  But keep blathering on and on about it, Trumptards.  One of these days, you’ll get locked up in a funny jacket.


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