Still trawling to make a comeback after nearly destroying her career by saying terrible things about the President and laughingly displaying a decapitated head photoshoot, liberal “comedianne” Kathy Griffin will appear next week in a segment taped for morning show “The View”.  During the segment, she reverts directly back to the type of twisted and insulting humor that made her name more hated than Cousin Oliver at a Brady Bunch reunion.

Or “Charlie” at a Trek convention. Stop whining, you pussy. Yeoman Rand is way too hot for you anyway.

Her tirade of treason began halfway through the interview, when host Joy Behar asked the carrot-topped crap-factory what she thought about the upcoming election, and who she preferred among the candidates.  Griffin laughed and launched into what appeared to be her “schtick” :

“Oh, God, I’d vote for anyone over Trump, of course.  If they ran Sirhan Sirhan against him, I’d line up at the voting booth with copies of ‘Double Fantasy’!  Am I right?  I think we’ve had enough of the fat sunburned version of Richie Rich waddling his way around the world in our name.  And his wife, Melania.  Is that John Travolta in drag?  I mean seriously?  Have we seen them both at the same place at the same time?  I mean, a face like that has had more than one fish-hook stuck in it, if you know what I mean.”

The first lady shook off the news and looked stunning in black at a Washington fundraiser for Children Needing Botox.

Griffin went on from there to call the President’s sons the “Mounds and Almond Joy of human beings, because nobody’s ever gonna put either one of those disgusting things in their mouth.”  After a time-out for a commercial break, the D-lister seemed a bit calmed, but steered the discussion back to her Trump Derangement Syndrome blabbering :

“I think what we need to do is cover him in fresh pico de gallo, and throw him into one of those facilities where he has those kids in those cages.  Can you imagine?  It would be like one of those National Geograhic videos where a bunch of cheetahs take down an old smelly elephant.  I’d totally pay to watch that.  And we could donate all the proceeds to Planned Parenthood since we know Trump owes women in general a hell of a lot of respect.  Word up, sisters!”

The mostly liberal-leaning Birkenstock-clad studio audience howled with approval and applause during the segment, and Secret Service denied that they would investigate the remarks as a credible threat.

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  1. mounds taste good! she is crazy!!! (satire)

    She makes good points! But WHY SHE HAD 2 DISRESPECT MOUNDS??? THEY THE BEST CANDY!

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