A shocking new study was released this month that shows that Millennials and Generation Z now make up the largest voting block in America, for the first time outnumbering Baby Boomer and Generation X. Concern about this has been steadily growing in conservative circles as these two youngest generations almost always vote for Commie Pinko Socialist Tree-Hugging Dope Smokers.

President Trump, in his infinite wisdom, is expected to make a drastic move to improving voting regulations in America and help curb the advance of Millennials voting in a way that Boomers dislike.

“It’s too easy to vote in this country,” President Trump opined. “Anyone over the age of 18 can vote however they want. That’s not in keeping with the spirit of this country, that’s not what this country was built on.”

An Executive Order is expected to be forthcoming, which would limit people under the age of 30 from voting, people who are not property owners, people who are not White, people who are not Christian, people who do not have at least 3 generations of pure American citizenship in their family, and people who aren’t Republican from voting.

A literacy requirement was suggested, but the concern was that certain Good American Maga folk would be unable to pass it and so, President Trump veto’d that suggestion.

“Voting is for the best Americans,” the President affirmed. “This will keep the worst Americans from voting in 2020.”

Well done, Mr. President!

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