Trump’s work is God’s work.

President Donald Trump took extreme steps today to protect the most innocent in our country during this national emergency. With one swoop of the pen, the president signed into law a moratorium on abortions across the entire country.

Joe Barron, Junior Spokesperson for the Executive Branch says:

“What President Trump has done is pure stable genius. The Keep Everyone Alive Law places a tax on all abortions that makes them far too expensive for anyone but people that have his kind of money. That means 99 percent of all abortions across the United States will stop at once. No one can afford them! The babies are saved!”

This is actually a perfect tactic in the war on women who want to get abortions. The more difficult it is for them to have an abortion, the less likely it is that they can get one. Numerous states have been on the front lines, closing clinics for nefarious reasons with the intent of just making it too much of a pain for women to kill their babies. So, we know this works.

Look at Mississippi. They only have one abortion clinic for the entire state. You know those women aren’t able to run out and abort their babies. It’s proven that limiting access, especially through financial roadblocks, is effective.

Bravo to President Trump. He is saving lives and doing the work of Jesus. Babies are a blessing, even if you are unemployed and have no idea where your next meal will be coming from. These women just don’t understand how blessed they are. Hopefully, this will make them realize.


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