The View has gone out of its way to make former President Donald Trump look bad. Every time they mention his name, they attach some kind of terrible act. They can’t help themselves.

Trump himself has said he doesn’t mind their criticism because he believes in free speech, but the things they’ve said about the campaign can’t go unpunished.

“They said the things are unwarranted,” Trump told Hannity, “so I wanted them to make sure every American has the opportunity to know themselves, and know that they have every intention of being true patriots. And so can we let these lies go without at least defending the great American people, even the ones we don’t really like?”

His words bumped his approval rating among his loyal base from 99,2 to 99.6 percent. The .04 percent who disapprove are most likely undercover Antifa agents.

“Antifa is the real issue,” Trump said, “and we don’t know who they are or when they’ll strike again like they did one cold January day.”

The suit was filed in the Southern District of Los Angeles before Judge Joe Barron. Barron was the judge who oversaw the Casey Anthony case in Florida before being a consultant to the Rittenhouse legal team. His appointment to a liberal California court came as a welcome surprise to conservatives looking to build cases in the Golden State.

It’s a good thing there’s a place where a paragraph like that makes sense, patriots. God bless you. And God Bless America.


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