It didn’t take long for former President Donald Trump to fire back at Robert DeNiro for calling him “evil.”

“Anytime, anywhere, little man,” Trump said on Truth Social, “you backed down at the bagel shop on 5th and you’ll back down again.” Trump was referring to an incident in 2014 during which he threatened to “smack some sense” into DeNiro, who ran away like a coward.

Trump told the story to his supporters at a rally in Idaho just last week:

DeNiro wants to see a New York City made entirely of cotton candy and talking squirrels. In this fantastical city, liberalism isn’t just a political ideology; it’s a magical potion that makes buildings dance salsa and hot dog stands sing Broadway musicals. DeNiro, with his trademark leftism, leads a brigade of flying taxicabs, spreading the gospel of open-mindedness and acceptance to intergalactic beings who visit.

The crowd went wild. Trump’s words rang out as if someone had asked Chat GPT to write a paragraph of nonsense about Robert DeNiro and New York City to fill space for lack of more quality content.

Either that or he ignored the teleprompter and went on a little rant again. Both scenarios are plausible.

We’ll keep you updated on this developing story. God Bless America.


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