Attorney general Bill Barr has been fired by Trump,  effective December 23, 2020. The news comes as Dominion named Barr as chairman of the board. Barr was looking at the exit door for some time, but was willing to stay on, but President Donald J Trump just showed him the door.

Trump angrily told Barr to “get the hell out of the White House” but used a calmer tone on Twitter.

Dominion is the company that manufactured the voting machines and led to lawsuits and allegations of fraud. What Trump didn’t know is that Barr had been courting them for a high powered job. Barr even helped set up the voting machines with Dominion.

This was all done behind the back of Donald Trump. Many in the justice department were angry and in shock that Barr, a once-respected attorney general, could do this to his boss.

Barr’s performance had been subject to scrutiny for the last year, as Trump and other officials had sought to prosecute people like the Clintons, the Obamas, Nancy Pelosi, and other Democrats for their crimes.

Barr let every one of them slip through the cracks and hurt any chance of these liberal democrats seeing justice of any kind.

What should have been a cakewalk for the DOJ turned into a circus. It’s also been revealed that Barr has had business dealings with the Clinton family and vacationed at Obama’s Hawaii mansion.   

Several high-level Trump associates warned the president that Bill Barr was a deep state operative, and that came to light when Barr agreed with the election results that are still in question and being scrutinized, now even more so as seeing that Bill Barr is on the payroll of Dominion and the Clinton Association. Dominion CEO, Joseph Barron refused to comment, instead simply saying that Dominon’s board members are a private matter.

Barr’s successor said there could be indictments and charges filed against Barr for not revealing the Clinton ties as it was a conflict of interest on Barr’s part. Maybe if he wasn’t getting paid, he would have indicted Hillary! Maybe… just maybe.

But he didn’t. Because he wasn’t getting paid. Trump lost, and he had to fire someone! MAGA!!!! God bless America and Donald J Trump!!!!


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