The worldwide pandemic event was a horrible thing that affected everyone from mother’s and fathers to sons and daughters.  It didn’t discriminate, except perhaps, for those with pre-existing dangerous health conditions and the older and infirm.

We all remember, (except for those that the Fox News Network has bamboozled into panting drool monsters), that when it began, then President Trump said it would go away first, within a couple of weeks, then by that Easter, and that it could be killed by sunlight, injecting bleach, and some shit-ass medicine miracle cure.

“I took the crushed up Smarties, Donald. When will my lungs grow back?”


To date, that was 730,000 people ago.

In general, Trump didn’t seem to give the disease much thought, babbled like a drunken clown in his daily addresses, and barely managed to get any good done after dismantling the very set of mechanisms that were set up for just such this emergency.

Head Nurse of St. Blumpkin’s Hospital in Queefbury, New York Sandy Batt, explains the logic of naming the special “Covid Morgue” after President #45.

“Remember ‘The Buck Stops Here?’  Apparently Trump doesn’t, because he constantly refers to things that he never did.  Well, real America remembers him.  He failed to hault the Great Plague of the 21st century, failed to chase and slow or stop it, hell, even worked AGAINST testing for it.  Now, with our morgue, his insanity will live forever.  In death.”

In point of fairness, the same institution’s cocaine treatment ward will be named after Donald Trump Jr. in recognition of his drug problem.  It’s really the very least we could do for such a family of scummy charlatans.


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