Donald Trump is a country music fan, and he’s sick and tired of the cancel culture coming from the left. That’s why The Donald, the greatest president ever, has offered the embattled country star a residency to play at Mar-A-Lago for the many guests who come through the doors of the Palm Beach resort.

Morgan Wallen, who’s a country music superstar, had been blackballed by the liberal media and trashed for using his first amendment right. What he said may have been reprehensible to some, but Trump understands, things slip out, and you shouldn’t be punished to the tenth degree of the law for a mistake.

They’re trying to cancel a piece of good old Americana here. And it’s wrong.

Country music fans enjoy the swooning sounds of Morgan Wallen. They buy his albums and download his music by the millions. A good American man knows that if he takes his sister on a date and slips on some good old Morgan Wallen, he’ll get lucky at the cross lighting later on that night.

Just blasting through the speakers of that 83 Chevy truck with a lift kit and a gun rack, he feels like a real man, and she knows it.

And honestly, who didn’t see this coming from a man with a mullet and crappy facial hair who thinks a good time consists of getting drunk and shooting things? Cmon now! If a southern-born man can’t scream out racial epithets while drunk, is this even America? Did we move to NOFREEDOMISTAN????

Liberals trying to control free speech and saying that word is hate speech?? Unbelievable. And what about our rebel flags??? This is America!!!!

Joe Barron, a fan of good music, spoke to us and was incredulous over it all.

“Did this guy think he lives on another planet where there is no internet or cell phones to hold him accountable for being racist trash?”

And there you have it folks. Liberals want to cancel everything good about America.

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