A group of heroes on their way to a Trump rally saw something very disturbing, and couldn’t ignore it. Knowing the best way to catch drug dealers, rapists, and radical Islamic terrorists is to comply with “if you see something, say something,” the dozen or so flag-laden vehicles first called the police, then took off in pursuit of the car.

They passed a woman who was crying and screaming “they have my son! they have my boy! I think they’re illegals!” They saluted, letting her know they were on the case, and ran the car down.

The boy was still buckled into the back seat when the Trump-supporting crowd ran the little Toyota off the road. The man driving, possibly an illegal, denied he had done anything wrong. One of the men aiding the rescue, an off-duty police officer, says the man then appeared to reach for something, at which point, he shot and killed him.

Crime doesn’t pay, patriots. Never forget that.


Police arrived on the scene and took the boy to DHS. As it turned out, he was the son of the man in the Toyota, who wasn’t illegal after all, just slightly browner than the convoy was accustomed to. The carjacker was never found, although he did leave the woman’s son at a local McDonald’s with enough money for ice cream. Unfortunately, the machine was broken.

No charges have been filed by the Mississippi State Police or the Forrest County Sheriff. For some reason.


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