We lost one of our greatest talents. Toby Keith was a singer, songwriter, performer but above all else, a patriot. He exemplified what it meant to be an American.  Toby Keith was a national treasure.

Nobody knew that like Donald Trump. Trump loved Toby Keith. So much so that he awarded him the Medal of Arts to the country music legend. Keith performed for Donald Trump numerous times, plus had a history of patriotic country songs that moved a nation.

While in Mar A Lago, Trump received the news of his passing directly from Toby’s wife, as they had a very close relationship. Not only did he give his condolences, he also offered to have Toby Keith lay in state at Mar A Lago, an honor for any true patriot.

Trump was a huge fan of the patriotic tunes that Toby Keith made.  Songs like Courtesy Of The Red White And Blue, Happy Birthday America, American Made, I’d Totally Bang This Flag, and the seminal favorite I Love Being White.

Trump always loved people who wore their patriotism on their sleeved and like him, used patriotism to further his career with the most stupid amongst us. Joe Barron once said, “ain’t no patriot like a potatriot”. You weren’t kidding Joe.

Toby Keith also was undecided whether to donate millions to Trump’s reelection campaign. So far there’s been no word about that after his wife asked if we were high for even making such a suggestion.

We do know this. Toby was a treasure.  There’s been nobody who was a better propagandist for the military and almost actually having an inappropriate relationship with the American flag. God bless Toby Keith and God Bless America!


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