President Trump has spoken, and spoken loud and clear. If you don’t support our police, you hate America. And those who support them, those who “Back The Blue,” are some of the most patriotic Americans in the county.

They believe in LAW AND ORDER and they know that the only thing standing between us and chaos is the police, who protect and serve us every single day. Without them, where would we be? 

That’s right. Joe Biden’s America.

Police officers are some of the most important, most trained, and most courteous people you’d meet. Courageous too.

It takes a lot to be a police officer. Most people don’t appreciate what police officers have to deal with every day. Maybe they haven’t taken the time to think about it. Maybe they just don’t care. President Trump understands.  And he’s letting America know about it.

Being a police officer tends to bring a lot of challenges. What dogs to kill, how many people of color you can shoot before people start talking, how many times you can screw the ordinary Americans just doing their jobs out of the money they worked for, because really, what is a police officer anyway but a violent revenue collector for the state, city, and county?

Trump supporters think police officers are brave, and their boots taste delicious!

Backing the Blue means you have to let go of any constitutional rights that you pretend to care about. Which is humorous because most of the “Back The Blue” also fly the Gadsden flag, two things that are completely opposite of each other, but most of these mental midgets wouldn’t understand that anyway.

Whatever makes them feel the most “‘Merica”at the time and doing as little as possible to get there.

Joseph Barron and Sandy Batt, a couple from the intermountain west have seen the police in action several times. Busting people for the most minuscule things, like not knowing a taillight was out of the simple act of enjoying a cold beer in front of your house with a neighbor.

But don’t let that little stuff fool you. They’re totally there to protect and serve, unless of course you might question them. Then they have the right to use deadly force. You know. Because they’re brave. Or something.

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