President Trump wants to reopen the best economy in America’s history as soon as possible, but a cabal of Democrat governors has formed a pact to resist him. President Trump’s newly signed and very powerful Executive Order will soon put these governors in their place.

Since these states have been on the government dole for months now and most of their residents are on welfare anyway, the governors seem to have found that they can get by just fine without honest people going back to work.

Last week, California’s Democrat governor Gavin Newsom gave his thoughts on a local San Francisco TV station:

“Nancy Pelosi has insured that we continue to receive an incredible amount of money from the federal government stimulus program. Why should I bother to disinfect the public transit system and clean the feces from workplace entrances while we are getting free stuff?

This makes my job so easy. Do you think I’m stupid enough to sacrifice the golden goat? I’ll open our economy when I am damn good and ready and there’s not a damn thing Trump can do about it.”

Democrat governors in the Midwest are no different. Governor Pritzker of Illinois, leader of the Midwest cabal was short and to the point:

“Trump can go to hell.”

Guess what, governors? The President has a surprise for you and the lazy moochers that support you. He is using the power found in the International Economic Clause to make these decisions for you, so get ready to go back to work.

President Trump will reopen America’s great economy when he, and only he decides the time is right.


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