Former President Donald Trump has filed a $100 million lawsuit against the members of the January 6 committee. Trump claims that the committee, in questioning his actions and motives as president, violated his civil rights.

Trump’s attorney, Kraken Sydney Powell, says the case is airtight, as the law on the matter is clear.

The statute, Title 109 of United States Code, Section 40 Subsection 113 plainly states that accusations against a former commander in chief must come from the public at large. Powell’s case states that in no way does “Congress” represent “the public at large.”

“Ordinary people don’t go to Congress, except for the occasional blip, like Lauren Boebert,” Powell told a source, “those people don’t get to sit there and pretend that they’re better than a former president. It’s disrespectful and illegal in the halls of Congress.”

The case is slated for its first hearing this summer.

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