Far-left liberals accused President Trump of not getting a test for coronavirus, and now we have proof that he did. The White House released a copy of his test results today, proving Our Dear Leader is as fit as a fiddle.

The controversy started when a liberal news organization asked if he would be getting a test since he was with other leaders who had tested positive. Donald Trump was resistant to the idea, knowing he is in the best shape of any president who had ever lived.

President Trump did not want to test, fearing it would take a test away from a needy American citizen. Donald Trump, since the beginning of all of this, has put Americans first, being completely transparent and honest and fighting back on any misinformation.

His test was beautiful and perfect, just like the phone call and the transcript with Ukraine. It was as beautiful as his daughter-wife Ivanka. It was as beautiful and perfect as Jesus Christ himself, and he knew it. So when liberals kept pressing, he knew he had to prove them wrong.

Official results released by the White House.

These test results can finally put to rest any questions anyone has about his health and about his actions. They were also reluctant to even release it, but did so to not only quiet the hate from the left but put a worried nation at ease.

Joe Barron, a faithful Trump supporter, was delighted to see that our President is fine.

“I mean I knowed it all along. He ain’t gonna be sick. He’s got the strength of 10 men, but them liberals gotta be all up in the man’s business, like he’s all up in his daughter Ivanka.“

A worried nation no more, all of the fears can now be put to rest knowing that our amazing president and savior, Donald J Trump is fine. God bless us, and God bless America. 


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