Nancy Pelosi has said she is going to use the 25th amendment to remove Trump from office, citing he’s not able to proficiently perform his duties as president of the United States of America.

Donald Trump is having none of this. He has countered by saying that he will use a very obscure law in the 3rd amendment to remove Pelosi from the Speakership and from office as well.

The 3rd Amendment is very seldom used in modern America, but our founders inserted language in the amendment protecting a sitting President from an insurgence from within.

Donald Trump, who’s very well known as a constitutional scholar, has brought the amendment to his aides and closest advisers to counter Pelosi’s incredulous claims that he is not capable of holding his office.

The seventh article in the amendment states:

“During times of crisis in our nation, a president may remove elected officials that he deems dangerous and unworthy of the office they hold; and are a danger to the president of the United States Of America.”

The article was written during a tumulus time in our nation’s history. It is one of the least quoted amendments and articles of our Constitution.

Third Amendment Lawyers, a law firm specializing in all matters pertaining to the 3rd Amendment say that Trump is well within his rights to use these powers, and this is exactly what that article was written for. 

Third Amendment Attorney Joseph A. Barron says this:

“Never before has an amendment been so perfectly written for a time like this.  Trump needs to jump on this and fast, I would be more than willing to represent him in this matter.”

The question is why would Pelosi be invoking the 25th amendment now. She’s had ample opportunity to do it in the last four years, seeing as how Donald Trump’s entire presidency has been a 25th amendment bat signal.

Imagine what could have been with a sane President in 2020. The train wreck that is Donald Trump administration could have ceased to exist and things would be ok.

God bless America!


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