While Democrats are playing checkers, our greatest president, Donald John Trump is playing 3-dimensional chess. Trump knows he will never get Biden to tell the truth, Trump is playing his Trump card.

Trump will pardon Biden for election crimes, and when Biden accepts the pardon, he is admitting guilt and can be immediately removed from office and Trump installed into his rightful place, as he actually did win the election.

Donald Trump talked to his closest advisors about what to do, and he came up with this ingenious plan on his own. In the flurry of last-minute pardons, Trump would insert the Biden pardon in, and knowing Biden would take it to keep his family out of trouble, that’s all it would take, as the election theft would be admitted to and the process to have Trump take back the presidency would begin. 

This is why you hear people say “Trump 2021!”  They know it’s coming.

While it is unprecedented, it is completely legal and constitutional, as Gerald Ford did pretty much the same thing but in reverse in 1974, when he pardoned Nixon. It’s reverse psychology and a reverse pardon. 

Trump knows that Biden needs to protect Hunter from any criminal prosecution, so a Biden pardon would do that, but also open up other investigations into the Biden crime family. It really is playing 3D chess when the democrats are playing checkers.

Patriots all over America was are awaiting the moment when Trump takes his seat at the resolute desk once again, knowing they were right the entire time.

No matter how much they have to make up or do mental gymnastics to use convoluted math or invent schemes in their heads on how Trump really won the election with seven million fewer votes, they’re standing by their man. Trump is like Jesus, only oranger. They know it.

Ardent Trump supporters Clint Herzog and Joe Barron, who plan on being at the January event, agree that Trump is going to fool them all and trick Biden into accepting the pardon.

“Welp, I gullderned knew that Trump was smart, and this right here proves it, I mean I couldn’t have made it up! That’s some good book learnin’ he got right there!”

They were excited and drunk and had about as much teeth as a jack o lantern.  Maybe he’ll pick Kid Rock as his new VP. The possibilities are endless! God bless America and God Bless Donald Trump!


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