Former President Trump may be making a huge political and financial move. His political action committee America First, now worth nearly $60 billion, is in the unique position to buy Twitter out from under Elon Musk and any other potential buyers. Since Musk doesn’t want it, it might even be cheaper than the estimated $40 billion he was willing to pay.

If Trump’s PAC buys the platform, it can reinstate who it wants, ban who it wants, and inherit hundreds of millions of users across the world. “I’d start blacklisting the left and turn it into a much larger, much better TruthSocial. The president’s personal platform has been stagnant of late, only attracting morons and losers who will do whatever they’re told.

“I want new blood,” Trump said, “I’ve already blocked 136,980 radical leftist antifas from my site. I can’t wait to do it to millions of them.

The internet blew up with the news, and Twitter’s stock climbed to an all-time high, most likely so investors can make it too expensive to be overtaken by a pseudo-fascist without a country.

It’s been a long road to get here, patriots, and it’s thanks to the recurring donations of true Americans who probably have no idea they’ve authorized $25 withdrawals every month for life.

God bless America.


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