The failing New York Times illegally posted President Donald Trump’s tax returns, and it spectacularly backfired on them. Instead of making the president look bad, it totally showed what a genius he is.

A master businessman. Nobody knows business like Donald Trump, nobody, and this finally proved it.

The New York Times and leftist liberals across the country gleefully picked apart the documents that they weren’t supposed to have and made themselves look like fools for their troubles. The tax returns prove nothing except for Donald Trump knows what he’s doing, and doing it better than anyone else.

The savior of our country is everything he said he was and more!  And now liberals are left to pick up the pieces once again of their own mistake.

When we took the returns to one of the best taxmen in the nation, he agreed. Joseph Barron, Esquire, of the Barron & Batt Tax Specialists, looked through the documents and found that Trump knows exactly what he’s doing.

“This freakin guy hasn’t paid taxes in 15 years, and then he paid less than my kid who works at McDonald’s. Talk about a grifter!” Barron exclaimed.

He was shaking his head going through everything, wondering if it was even a little bit legal, and realizing Trump is damned near flat broke.

Trump claimed to be a multi-billionaire, which turned out to be complete malarkey. He’s literally in debt to the tune of $500 million dollars.

That is a financial genius right there.  To make yourself look filthy rich when all you are is filthy is genius. He has a little bit of money, but the banks will be calling in those debts shortly.

Ahhhh good times to be a grifter.  

Donald Trump is certainly the master salesman, however. Selling America a bill of goods that turned out to be a bag of shit.

But fear not Trump voters!  All that it shows is that Trump only lied to get into the White House and we shouldn’t count that as part of the 20,000 lies he’s told while in the White House.

I mean, he is making America great again, by bringing us death, suffering, economic misery and open racism, just like in the 1920s when America was truly great. It’ll all work out just fine!

God bless America and God Bless Donald Trump!


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