The United States has never been in better shape than it is right now. We’re seeing unprecedented stock market activity and never before seen unemployment figures. Life is good and it is all thanks to our Dear Leader, President Donald Trump.

Because of his great success, President Trump will become the first President in modern history to have an entire class of Navy ships named after him, the Trump class. These ships will serve an absolutely essential military function and will be deployed as part of every Carrier Strike Group.

These ships will be equipped with unprecedented cargo space and will require minimal crew. They will carry up to a dozen smaller transport vessels in order to more easily take on their cargo and distribute it to its final destination. These ships will be what has been missing in the 21st Century Navy and will contribute to the agility of our maritime fighting forces.

Currently, ships with non-biodegradable trash must stow this into most non-ventilated areas where the smell can get so bad that it never comes out. The Trump class vessels will take on the garbage that cannot be thrown overboard from the strike groups so that the ships that actually fight in the battles can do so more efficiently. As the sole defensive measure, these ships will have spurs sticking out near the waterline, which will ensure that they will never be called upon to fight for the rest of the battle group.

It is expected that a fleet of these ships can be built in the next few years and will be fully available, if not operational, by the time that President Trump leaves office. Just as he has made America great again, so shall these new ships.


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