imagine you’re Sandra’a Batt T’Challu – you’ve traveled for miles through unfriendly desert, thunderstorm-laden forest, and harrowing stretches of rough water just to get to the American border.  You are alone after your family was captured by rebels in your small village in Wakanda, victims of the brutal vibranium trade war.  

Now, you’re forced into cages with others, Mexican, Guatemalan, Ecuadorian – because the man you saw on television, Donald Trump, who let Meatloaf run his company, says you’re a raper and a “not good person.”  How would YOU feel?

As out of place as Brian Kilmeade in a room full of Mensa members?

As the new Border Czar, Sandra’a’s is just one of the thousands of tales that Vice President Kamala Harris is hearing right now, as she tours the chaos at our country’s southern border.  Standing with media agents from the Queefsociate Press, America’s first black VP blamed the unholy mess completely on former disgraced cartoon President Trump.

“You hear the excuses, the blaming of Obama for the cages and separations.  But in reality, this is all because of Trump and Sessions’ “Zero Tolerance” policy from April of 2018.  It’s all on his shoulders.  All this misery.”

“As usual, Democrats have to clean up a Republican’s terrible mess.  The border.  The economy.  The Trump Plague.  The violence and mental illness of his cult twits.  Thank God Joe and I are on the case now instead of an incompetent piece of shit who doesn’t care about human life.”


Harris spoke with refugees and border patrol agents all day, taking notes and making suggestions like a normal person would.  Let’s not forget that while pundits on OAN, Fox, and Newsmax blathered like morons about her “late” visit, they conveniently forget neither Trump nor Pence showing up at all.

Will our desperate heroine from Wakanda finally make it to safety in Biden’s America, where she found only misery and rejection from Trump’s?  Who knows.  Maybe by this time next year, Donald could be HER apprentice.



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