According to intelligence sources, the informant who brought the allegations against the Biden family which has so many Republicans looking to impeach President Joe Biden is dead under “suspicious circumstances.”

“We can’t release his name,” said CFS Director Joe Barron, “but we can tell you that he served with distinction and that this is a terrible tragedy for American justice.”

The informant was the guy Rudy Giuliani gave the information to about a guy from Ukraine who said he knew someone who knows who paid Hunter Biden, and therefore the Biden family, $5 million to get aid to Ukraine reinstated.

“That information may or may not be involved,” said Barron, “The Central Federal Service will initiate an investigation and refer it to the FBI and DOJ only after we’ve cleared them of wrongdoing.”

The things we need to consider are simple, patriots. First, what does Hillary Clinton know? When someone is a threat to the family or friends and turns up dead, especially under suspicious circumstances, there’s a good chance Hillary ordered the hit.

In this case, the left obviously intends to sweep it under the rug by holding Pride month, a thing that happens every year but this year happens very conveniently while this is all going on. Think about it.

And where is the mainstream media, patriots? They seem to be pretty silent, as usual. But don’t worry. We have your back and the truth you desire most. God Bless America.

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