Tucker Carlson is asking his fans to boycott Fox News.

Fox Fired Carlson Shortly after settling a huge lawsuit

Carlson claims Fox blindsided him

Loyal fans are shutting off Fox News

Washington, DC – Tucker Carlson is fighting back against the injustice done to him by Fox News. After settling a lawsuit with Dominion Voting Systems, the network fired Carlson, informing him that they were “agreeing to part ways.”

“I didn’t agree to anything,” said Carlson, “They took my job.”

They Took Our Jobs South Park - Meme Generator

It won’t matter in the end. This week alone we plan to offer Tucker so many different new jobs and titles that his head will spin. Where will he actually end up? Who cares?

Tucker Carlson is an American icon and he is asking his loyal fans to stop watching Fox News.

“Nothing good can come of continuing the blind allegiance to what amounts to just another legacy media giant that doesn’t care about you,” said Carlson, “now that there’s nobody there to tell you what to think at 8 PM, it’s pretty much just useless noise. Hannity is okay, I guess, but he’ll be next.”

Carlson’s declaration that Hannity is on the chopping block is certainly making waves as well, patriots. It’s a strange day in conservative media. Still, God Bless Tucker Carlson, and God Bless America.



  1. Kid ROck

    Useless noise is right! You tell em Tucker. I’m done with Fox and every biased US media.

    LETS ALL MOVE TO CANADA. I only trust the CBC!



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