Whoopi Goldberg and her cohorts on “The View” are in a legal bind once again after celebrating the end of Tucker Carlson’s era at Fox News. According to sources close to Carlson, his lawyers immediately filed a cease and desist order as well as a suit for defamation,

“Their remarks were dehumanizing,” said attorney Thomas Bagger, “they talked about Tucker Carlson as though he was some kind or white supremacist stooge for the Russians and a suck-up to anyone right-wing enough to earn the most dollars.”

Those accusations are unfounded, of course, as anyone who has ever watched an episode of Tucker would know. The man is a true patriot who cares deeply for America and its future.

Does he exaggerate and maybe add some stuff here and there for entertainment purposes? Of course he does. He’s an entertainer.

Does he tell outright lies and twist the truth so far that he’s some kind of “danger to democracy,” as Whoopi Goldberg believes? According to his publicist, Joe Barron, the truth is far easier to understand.”

“Tucker loves his country,” said Barron, “because he can say whatever he wants. If that happens to be what makes him the most money, then so be it. There are satire sites out there doing the same thing, so why not him? It just makes sense.”

Carlson will surely land on his feet soon, and when he does, his fans will follow. Because that’s what they do. God Bless America.

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