Whoopi Goldberg thought it was a good idea to call in and have a discussion with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson while his show was live on the air. Carlson, being a seasoned journalist. took the opportunity to allow his political rival to voice her opinion.

Instead, Goldberg screamed obscenities while Carlson sat with a smile taking it all in.

“Are you finished,?” Carlson asked when there was a slight break in the wind bagging, “Can I speak now?” Goldberg confirmed that her rant was over and immediately regretted it.

“You’ve never loved this country or any other,” Carlson said, “you go on your show and tell your audience whatever you want whether it’s the truth or not just for ratings.”

Goldberg had no response. You could hear her in the background sniffling and unsure what to say next. “Good day, ma’am,” Carlson said finally, ending the exchange.

“She has some nerve,” he told his audience, ” that show of hers is nothing but emotional nonsense and lies.” After the broadcast, the crew gave Tucker a standing ovation. They all laughed as he accepted his 140th “Ridiculous Amounts of Irony Award,” which started as a joke in 2012 but has evolved into a badge of honor.

Wear it well, Mr. Carlson. God Bless You. And God Bless America.


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