Getting fired can sometimes become an obstacle in life to climb over and make the best of.  Just ask talk show host and pundit Tucker Carlson, who was summarily let go from his popular Fox News program last week, without even a proper “goodbye.”

Of course, Tucker is fairly used to the feeling, after being similarly shitcanned from MSNBC, CNN, and soon, OAN networks.  It’s tough when a good man and propagandist can’t get a break in the world.

However, Tucker isn’t taking this one lying down.  He’s filed a lawsuit against Fox News and it’s owner, Rupert Murdoch for “wrongful disemployment” to the tune of nearly nine-bazillion dollars.

The sum also includes an unemployment payment schedule, just to keep his hair in gel and his ladies underwear collection current.  Carlson filed the suit just yesterday using the firm Barron, Batt, and Konders.

“Mr. Carlson is seeking monetary recompense for his unnatural and highly irregular firing,” said lead attorney John Guluv.  “He is also putting forth an invitation for former friend Dan Bongino to join him.”

Bongino, Tucker’s close friend and skinny dipping partner was also pink slipped, although the reason behind it was described by witnesses as “he shits his own pants every twenty minutes.”

Will Tucker get the money he deserves?  We hope so.  If not from this, then let’s hope Putin saved a little petty cash for a friend.

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