Elon Musk’s reign over Twitter is starting to bear fruit. First, he booted wisenheimer Kathy Griffin for impersonating him, and now, he’s suspended LeBron James indefinitely for hate speech.

LeBron posted “Twitter is a hellscape of racism” after reports of an increase in racial slurs came across everyone’s feed on every platform ever talking about it. So LeBron, who doesn’t believe in treating people equal, apparently, doesn’t want to talk about why rappers get to use that word but we can’t make jokes using it at Thanksgiving. America is what it is. Racist. Not racist. It’s the land of the free.

Until you join Twitter, apparently, where Elon can ban you for not liking you very much. But, as we all knew, capitalist businesses are exempt from such scrutiny, because when Elon bought a company for $4 billion and made a bunch of rich people richer, he fired thousands of people, which will create more jobs. Just ask Grover Norquist.

Musk says LeBron can sign up for a new account in 60 days if he promises to pay his verification fees 10K years in advance and, of course, that he bends the knee. Confidence is low on that one.

Vegas bookkeepers believe LeBron will break Elon’s jaw, do a small stint in county lockup as a venerated hero, and most likely ends up the next US Representative from Akron. Possibly a Senator. Time will tell.

God bless America.



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