Note: This is an old article I’m reposting involving Kamala Harris on The View calling Melania names.  It’s 2023 now.  I’m not gonna change the rest of it, but I’m betting they’ll still buy it.  Okay, bye bye.


Kamala Harris is the biggest news story in the nation as the choice for Joe Biden’s running mate for the 2020 election.

Although the conservative media have already begun dredging through her background and seeking any possible minor foothold to exploit and attempt to blow up into a phony scandal as they did with  Hillary Clinton in 2016, the San Francisco barrister doesn’t seem to even consider backing down.

On a taped appearance for the hit ABC morning show “The View”, Harris exploded with a diatribe designed to prove to her opposition that she isn’t messing around.

Tucker Carlson is already trying his level best to remove her from his spank bank by watching Roots repeatedly.

Clips of the episode, not yet aired, were leaked to the internet by station intern Sandy Batt, who was reprimanded by the network.  The most raucous part of the discussion came when host Whoopi Goldberg moved the subject to the Trump family.

Harris left nothing sacred:

“Well, frankly, in that particular brood, it’s as if sheer incompetence has been passed along genetically.  You have father Donald, who cheated with a porn star while his wife was pregnant with a child he now ignores.  Said wife seems to be nothing more than a useless illiterate mannequin, an aging former lesser soft-porn model who only pokes her head out to perform unnecessary photo ops.  His mutated excuses for children are maybe good for observation for medical and abnormal biology studies, but that’s about it.  It’s really time to put an end to filming the next sequel to ‘Wrong Turn’ in the White House.”

Junior is the one that wears a potato sack with one eyehole over his face and makes mooing noises.

While the very best that ridiculously slanderous outlets like Fox and OAN can come up with is that she once had a tryst with Willie Brown while both were younger and unmarried, her observations about the Trump family are far more legitimate.

Can a pot as morbidly obesely black as Trump’s call any kettle anything?

The network hasn’t commented on when the segment will eventually air, but one thing is for sure.  When it does, there’s certain to be a very angry handicapped orange gorilla babysitting on a toilet crying on Twitter for three hours.



  1. Ron Hussey

    Harris is a useless piece of sh#t, she’ll never have attained in her life what our First Lady has and surely won’t be a VP.

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