Kyle Rittenhouse, 20,  and his mother Wendy Rittenhouse, 52, quietly settled a case against the Washington Post this week for $3.6 million.

WAPO was one of nearly a dozen defendants named in the suit and the first to settle. “More should be getting in line now,” said Rittenhouse attorney Skip Tetheludah, “they know there’s a reckoning coming.”

The settlement couldn’t come soon enough for Rittenhouse, who continues to fundraise the money to fight his ongoing legal battles even though he’s settled several high-profile cases.

“I’m crowdfunding for the court case against me because I didn’t do nothin’ wrong and I shouldn’t have to pay when they said I’m innocent in a court of laws,” he told The Daily Wire, “This money is all mine and I’m gonna open a gun range or maybe be a fireman.”

The youngster has serious dreams and aspirations because he’s a true patriot. Few Americans have moved on to a successful career after killing unarmed people with an AR-15. He should be proud of his accomplishments for sure.

Rittenhouse confirmed that he is, in fact, proud of himself and that he couldn’t imagine doing anything else. “This is definitely the thing I’ll build my entire life around, he said, “I’m really not smart enough to get into a good school or get a real job, so winning money for killing those people will have to do.”

And do it has. The young patriot will be set for life for sure. It’s a good thing the riots are over or there would probably be dozens of real Americans like Kyle out there shooting people in self-defense.

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