The epic romance going on between Superbowl star of the Kansas City Chiefs Travis Kelce and superstar songstress Taylor Swift is reaching new heights.  With both of them soon to be in beautiful Las Vegas for the giant playoff, the world is about to become witness to another classic melding.

In an interview recently on Steven Cobert’s late night television program, the tight end revealed a romantic plan-a-rama for after the Superbowl.

“I know we’re going to win.  I just know it.  It’s a fact.  The forty whiners are going down, and after they do, when I finally get that ring, I’m going to kneel down and protest the police treatment of black people.  And then propose to Taylor.”

The shocking statement is making waves across the internet, upsetting even the brief pathetic shame-fame garnered by Ben Shapiro’s appearance in an absolutely terrible rap “song”. Shapiro has since retreated to underneath the 4th street bridge to masturbate in private.

Sports expert Joe Barron notes that the Superbowl Ring has only been used one time before for matrimonial purposes.

“I believe it was Joe Namath who presented his ring to Melissa Southard back in the day, right on the field in Miami.  Of course, that ended badly when she downed fifteen bottles of Mountain Dew to celebrate and stole a fire engine, causing four million dollars in damage.”

Is Travis Kelce actually READY for the repercussions of what he’s planning?  We certainly hope so.  As for Taylor, well…

… he’ll be the prince and she’ll be the princess – it’s a love story, baby just say it.


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