The NFL’s Roger Goodell has apologized for statements he made a few years ago about NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem. He now agrees with the practice and goes further by encouraging players to kneel now.

A bigger backtrack is Roger Goodell’s stance on Colin Kaepernick, who was let go during the initial kneeling incidents years ago. The commissioner is now welcoming Kapernick back, with a new job, and a huge raise. Kaepernick is back in the good graces of the National Football League, such good graces that Kap will be making a big salary.

Joseph Barron, Kapernick’s manager spoke with us about the new revelations.

“Mr. Goodell sees the error of his ways, especially when it comes to my client, Colin Kaepernick. He now sees kneeling during the national anthem as free speech, because black lives truly do matter. My client is being brought back into the NFL, with a huge salary, as a form of ‘reparations’ to Colin.”

He added that many players of African American heritage will be seeing bigger, more lucrative contracts now.

Donald Trump is angered by all of this, as seen in his tweets about kneeling and that these NFL players are “sons of bitches” for kneeling during the Anthem. He feels as he’s been stabbed in the back by Goodell, who he thought he had in his pocket. It seems as if the big fat orange man-baby just can’t win with anything as of late.

Real Americans will see this as a slap to the face to them, their president, and all of the pearls they’ve been clutching about black Americans.  To these “true Americans”, not one form of protest is good or just. As many of the MAGA hat-wearing, faux Christians, they should shut up and just play. Because free speech is reserved just for them when they are feeling the slightest bit of inconvenience. When the NFL comes back later this year, expect to see even more peaceful protests that speak to the injustices that many Americans have to deal with on a daily basis.

Clutch those pearls, for America, baby.

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