A conversation between a group of children and their parents went viral after the kids were heard asking which mouse was MKickey and which mouse was Minnie at a Disney parade, Minnie, who now wears pants, looks identical to mickey with the exception of longer eyelashes, which the kids had a hard time seeing.

“They look the same to me,” one child said. “Me too,” said another. “Are they supposed to be the same?” A third child asked. The video is currently viral on Tik Tok as well as Twitter, with more than 16 million views and shares.

Disney Spokesman, Joe Barron, says the kids don’t always complain, and at some point, they’ll just get used to it. “Before long all the kids here will basically be one gender and none of this will matter.”

Park officials responded to the video by saying, “that’s not the right video.” We’re still looking into the cause of that mixup.

At any rate, the children were unharmed, though the one in that video looks pretty shook up. There’s no way to know for sure if the incidents are related. We’ll keep you updated on this ridiculous and developing story.

Stay tuned, patriots. God bless America.


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