‘Unhinged.” That was the word ABC Programming Director Joe Barron used to describe Whoopi Goldberg’s latest on-air rant. “She called for public executions of a former president and several members of Congress. We’re still waiting to see how far it blows back.”

In the context of the show, some say the statement was somewhat mischaracterized, and that she was speaking figuratively, but her words say something far darker and scarier:

“Trump, McCarthy, Boebert, and the rest of the MAGA clown college should be dragged before the people like Marie Antionette.”

Sunny Hostin immediately made a claim that the statement was benign and that Whoopi wasn’t actually calling for the beheading of a former president, but she doubled down:

“No, I am absolutely saying that. Hand him to the people of New York City and let them decide.”

New Yorkers typically skew left, and when the Proud Boyz showed up to be tough guys, they got their asses kicked, so the sentence would likely end with Trump being dragged around Manhattan and dumped in front of his gaudy tower, his “reign of idiocy” at an end.

Others say he’s the messiah or chosen by God to lead America and they’re willing to drink whatever Kool-Aid is necessary to keep the happy feelings they had in early 2017.

If nothing else, Trump certainly does seem to bring out the worst in people.

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