When Kyle Rittenhouse, America’s gun-toting teenaged hero, sued space bartender Whoopi Goldberg for over twenty-two million dollars for defamation of character on live television, the public thought that was pretty much a done deal.  So did the legal system.

Enter President Joe Biden.  With the prevailing atmosphere of “student loan forgiveness” wafting over the White House and the Democratic party, it only makes sense that Uncle Joey saw fit to fix Goldberg’s problem as well.

Using his Presidential power of issuing executive orders, EO #14150 declares that all money summarily won by Rittenhouse in that particular judgement be forgiven, and considered paid in full with all charges against the View icon summarily dropped.


Can Biden actually do such a thing?  We asked Fox News legal expert Judge Sandra Batt for her take on the Case of the Shooter Who Lost the Pooter Looter.

“This is a very very complex set of circumstances.  For one, every lawsuit filed against Goldberg has been hilariously fake, and written by the geniuses of America’s Last Line of Defense.  So, I mean, he couldn’t collect on a fictional suit anyway.”

“Secondly, I don’t think Biden could do that.  It’s not really within his pervue.   Not that you could sue someone on an opinion shoe for defamation.  These conservatives are about as gullible as a one-armed man in a boxing match.”

Will Goldberg wriggle out of her court-fake ordered responsibilities again?  Stick around.  I’m certain there will be more bullshit.

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