If you thought being suspended from The View with full pay was too light a sentence for Whoopi Goldberg’s racist, antisemitic remarks, think again. Goldberg apologized for what she said, but it was too little too late.

Once you say something like that, you have to pay the price. Whoopi was scolded by the radical left and sent home for two weeks. That had to sting. But not as much as losing a lucrative movie deal for $26 million.

Goldberg was set to revise her role as Guinan from Star Trek: The Next Generation in a full-length movie with Patrick Stewart. The film is based on events unfolding on the hit show “Picard.” Roddenberry Enterprises along with a spokesman for Patrick Stewart have both announced that the script is being re-written without Whoopi’s character.

“We can’t have a Jew-hating empath running around pouring delicious drinks on the set,” said Stewart, “she was a lot of fun back then. Made a grasshopper look easy. Oh how I miss our chats.”

If you didn’t do that sentence in your best Picard, please go back and try again.

The movie will begin production and will rely on Quark to tend bar. Stewart has reportedly put his foot down on any kind of cameo for Commander Sisco, who he finds “annoying as fuck.”

Goldberg hasn’t responded to our request for comment. Mostly because we never asked.

God bless America.


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