Disney’s “woke” CEO, Joe Barron, says the company owes all of its woes to none other than former President Donald Trump. In a statement to the shareholders, Barron made it cl3ear that “MAGA Hate,” not wokeness, is responsible for the downfall of the once-proud company.

“Donald Trump and his legions of idiots ruined Disney,” said Barron, “they have no idea what woke means, why they think we did that, or what reality looks like. They just want to hate the left, and they’ve decided that’s us.”

Disney’s wokeness reportedly includes gender-reassignment presentations, “pride corners” throughout the parks where kids can explore their gayness, and minorities being treated as equals. It’s extremely un-American and needs to be addressed.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, on pace to be Trump’s rightful heir, says Disney will continue to be representative of the left as long as satire publications keep putting things like this “out there.”

“One thing is certain,” DeSantis said, “the guy writing this stuff probably thinks it’s hilarious that anyone could feel bad for a multinational corporation stuck on incredible greed, overcrowded parks, and ridiculously expensive souvenirs.” He may be on to something there, patriots. Disney needs a complete overhaul.

God bless America.

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