Disney will no longer spend a single dollar backing Republicans, according to sources close to CEO Joe Barron. Specifically referring to Florida’s governor by name, the newly woke Barron said “DeSantis can take his crude insults and swallow them.” The media edited that part out. He also pointed to Republicans in New York, California, and Rhode Island, where Disney typically contributes more money every election cycle than all individual donations combined.

The RNC says the boycotts are working, and that they’ll manage without the $600 million in funds from “the groomers.” Disney stands accused of no longer caring about entertaining children, but rather in turning them into the next generation of transgender women’s swimmers.

Governor Ron DeSantis says Disney can “suck it,” and he didn’t offer an apology for his language. He really doesn’t have to; Trump solved the politically correct issue with pussy grabbing. Texas Senator Ted Cruz says he’s sanctioning Disney in Texas, making it illegal for Disney to be a thing there. Which it isn’t, but it potentially could be. The major stores in the area, after hearing of the sanctions, said they’ll stop selling Disney stuff…never, and they also got the memo, adding “Ted can suck it. And no, we’re not sorry, either.”

All in all, it’s a bad day for the party, patriots. And Disney is to blame. Do your part and boycott them even more.


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